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    the power to connect

    rural communities

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    The ability to connect

    cities and buildings at speeds never before imaginable
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    Our products emit light in the

    Infrared Spectrum, are completely eye safe and

    safer metabolically than current RF technologies

The future of high-speed communication is here.

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OptiPulse Jobs
We are currently hiring for the following positions.

Senior Electrical Design Engineer

High Frequency PCB design, 7GHz or higher. Laser driver, MOSFET, GSG and Coplanar waveguides, Familiar with Optical Waveguides, SAW, BAW a plus
Self Starter, Hit the road spinning attitude
Chance for rapid advancement

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Office Manager/Administrator

Organizational skills are critical, I’ll do it myself attitude
Technical writing a plus. QuickBooks a plus, You will have the chance to learn a great deal of knowledge in a particular field.
There may be a rapid growth so advancement of early employees could be advantageous to this position

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